Santorini Wineries

Santorini is well known for its high quality wine. This fantastic beverage its produce all over Greece, but the conditions in Santorini, both meteorological and soil, create unique outcome that won world class fame. Below we present Santorini wineries, witch you can visit by yourself or by checking our tours and book one online in advance, to make sure there will be availability for specific dates. Most of Santorini wineries are located in the central and south part of the island. 

1. Santo Wines


Santo Wines is one of the most known wine brands not only in Santorini but also worldwide. This one of the best Santorini wineries, located in Pyrgos village, 6 km south of Fira, the capital of Santorini. This village hosts many Santorini wineries.
In 1992 Santo Wines opened its new technologically sophisticated winery, along with the "Santo Wines Ecotourism Center". This modern facility is visited by thousands of visitors from around the world. In ecotourism center you will be able to try the company wine varieties like sweet Vinsanto, the well-known Assyrtiko and Nykteri which are P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) of Santorini, learn some interesting things about wine production and vineyard history in Santorini by a guide and by watching audio visual presentation, take a tour in aging cellars and the winery and take wine tasting lessons.
On the premises you can also just sit back, order your wine and enjoy the sunset and relaxing evening. There is also a shop with all Santo Wines products, as well as Santorini traditional products like cherry tomatoes, fava beans, capers etc.
As one of state of art Santorini wineries, Santo Wines winery is built in different ground levels and that is not accidental. The idea was to use gravity instead of pumps. That process advantage is less stressed product and of course energy saving producing a smaller environmental blueprint.
You can book a visit to Santo Wines via winery website or use a tour agency to combine your visit with other wineries. The winery is open all day till "after sunset" hours.


2. Sigalas Winery


On of the most famous Santorini wineries, Sigalas winery is the proud representative of Oia village wines. It is located in Baxades area, just few minutes by foot from Finikia. Sigalas produces high quality bottles which are ambassadors of Greek wines around the world. Awarded many times in international wine competitions in Greece and in Germany it should be your first choice for a visit, especially if you are staying in Oia.
The winery was founded in 1991 but since 1998 it is operating in modern facilities in which 300.000 bottles of high quality wine are made every year.
This is one of Santorini wineries with its own tasting room in wonderful location. It is surrounded by the vineyard, where you can also enjoy the most famous sunset. When you visit the winery, you'll be toured around the premises, learn some of the secrets of cultivating raisins and how Santorini climate is affecting the quality of the wine and of course take wine tasting lessons. If you want to make your visit in Sigalas winery even more interesting, you can also have dinner on the premises among the vineyards. You should contact the winery first to make sure that there is an available table.
Sigalas winery is open all year for its visitors. You can visit it without booking a tour using a tour agency but if you like to see three wineries in one day, there are agencies specialising in that kind of daily trips.


3. Gaia Wines


Gaia Wines is another well-known winery in Greece that has one of its bases in Santorini (the other one is located in Koutsi village in Nemea). Gaia winery has transformed a factory building, which in the past was used to produce products of Santorini tomatoes like dried tomato and tomato paste. This stone built building, along with tomato industry, was at its peak from 19th century till 1970, when the factory closed. After twenty years Gaia company started restoration of the factory, transforming it to technologically advanced yet also traditional winery.
Gaia Wines has its doors open to wine lovers from May to October. Its located on east coast of Santorini near the airport in Vraches, that's between Kamari village and Monolithos. You can participate in wine tasting experience, siting right by the sea and take a tour of the winery. You can also try other variety of wines of Gaia, produced in Nemea, which have also superior quality. Tasting experience is quite affordable. You'll pay approximately 5€ for 4 wine varieties. The open hours that you can visit are from 11:00 to 19:00.
In Santorini Gaia Wines produce Thalassitis wine, very popular in Greece, Assyrtiko Wild Ferment and Vinsanto. Few meters from the winery there is another building where aged vinegar made from Assyrtiko wine is produced. Only 1500 litres every year are bottled of this aromatic and sweet vinegar, after 5 years of aging. A very distinguished between Santorini wineries.


4. Boutari Winery


Boutari Winery and generally Boutari wines are probably the most famous is Greece. The company has 7 wineries. 6 of them are in Greece and one in southern France.
Boutari Winery in Santorini is located in Megalochori village, few kilometers south of Fira.
It was the first winery that emphasized the significance of the role of agritourism in development of Santorini wine. Therefore as the leader in this field, in 1989 the winery was opened to visitors of the island.
Today Boutari Winery is open all year and it is visited by thousands of travellers. You can taste several varieties of wine between April and October, learn about the 3000 years old Santorini vineyards, take a tour of the interior of the premises and visit the cellars, see how the winery combines the tradition with modern producing techniques.
Boutari Winery produces several products of Assyrtiko variety like Kallisti, Nykteri and Vinsanto, Mandilaria variety wines, as well as wines that combine in different percentage these varieties.
The vineyard of Boutari, named Selladia, is located in Akrotiri area.


5. Gavalas Winery


Gavalas Winery can be characterized as one of historical Santorini wineries. Today the members of Gavalas family that runs this business are the 3th generation of wine producers in Santorini.
Gavalas Winery is located in Megalochori, a picturesque traditional village near the vertical cliffs of Santorini, 7 south of Fira, the capital of the island. The architecture of the winery is also traditional. The wine is made in Canada, an "old school" winery which is used to produce wine in Santorini for hundreds of years. The winery is open to visitors daily from 10:00 till 20:00, where you can taste and purchase Gavalas wines, some of them are very rare and learn the secrets of the family tradition in wine production that started at the end of 19th century by taking a tour.
Gavalas Winery uses its private 18 acres vineyard to produce several varieties of wine. The rare products of Gavalas are Katsa and Gaiduria. The taste of these wines with sweet flowers taste combined with honey and lemon flavours is very distinct. The quantity of these two varieties covers as much as 1% of all Santorini vineyards. The red wine Ksenolo is made from combination of three varieties, Mavrotragano, Boudomato and Athiri, also quite rare as they cover only 3% to 5% of all Santorini vineyards. If you like rosé wine, you can choose Voudamato for your tasting experience. With cherry and pomegranate flavor is definitely very refreshing. The other wines of Gavalas Winery are the traditional and well known Assyrtiko and Nykteri.


6. Argyros Winery


Argyros Winery is located in Exo Gonia, a small village located in Santorini inland, 7 km southeast of Fira, the capital of the island. It has a quite of history behind it and definitely a successful future. Argyros started its wine production in 1903 by Georgios Argyros, when the vineyard area was 20 acres. It has a quite of history behind it and definitely a successful future. Argyros Winery started its wine production in 1903 by Georgios Argyros, when the vineyard area was 20 acres. Today Argyros Winery produce high quality wine varieties like Assyrtiko, Voudomato, Mandilaria, Aidani and Mavrathira, using raw materials from its 260 acres vineyard located in Episkopi. This field is on a slope which has a southeast direction on an altitude between 50 and 150m. A different combination of percentage of those varieties, produces fantastic products of Argyros Winery.
A fantastic product of the company is the 20 year old Vinsanto. This sweet wine ages 17 years in a barrel and 3 years in a bottle creating a demand for it in many countries around the globe.
For the chocolate lovers, Argyros Winery has developed a special product. With cooperation with Josef Zotter, a pioneer and awarded many times chocolate maker from Austria, Argyros made a fantastic chocolate filled with Vinsanto wine.
The winery is open to Santorini visitors. There you can take a journey of many tastes, almost directly from the source. You can visit it from 9:00 till 20:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 till 18:00. You can also include it in your wine tour, if you decide to use one of the specialized agencies in this kind of daily trips.


7. Canava Roussos


Canava Roussos is located in Episkopi Gonia or Mesa Gonia. This is a small village 7 km southeast of Fira, the capital of Santorini, built near Pyrgos village and Exo Gonia village. Canava Roussos winery is definitely one of the oldest in Santorini. It started its winemaking in 1836 and from the beginning the goals were a production on high quality wine from several varieties that the islands land provides. Today the winery blends tradition with modern techniques and technology to produce its products, using varieties like Assyrtiko, Mavrathiro, Athiri, Aidani and Mandilaria.
As the most of wineries in Santorini, Canava Roussos is open to island visitors and wine enthusiasts. As you can imagine, the facilities here are built the traditional way and especially the Old Canava. You will be able to take a tour of the premises and to taste 7 products of Canava Roussos. Santorini Roussos, Nikteri Roussos, Rivari Roussos, Caldera Roussos, Athiri Roussos, Mavrathiro Roussos Roussos and Nama Roussos consist the collection of the winery. In the Old Canava you will see and in some cases also participate in wine making process like grape pressing etc. The New Canava is a separate and also traditional building, where the modern techniques are used to produce today's "delicious" wines of Canava Roussos.
Your trip to Canava Roussos will not end there. On the premises there is also a traditional tavern there for you can enjoy your lunch or dinner. The dishes that are cooked here are strictly Santorini old recipes and the kitchen staff uses only only local products. Canava Roussos also organizes "Santorinian Nights" dedicated to their wines and the island cuisine. In addition to that, the company hosts, exhibitions, music concerts and theater performances. The visiting hours of the winery are from 11:00 till 20:00.


8. Volcan Wines


Volcan Wines winery is located in Vothonas village, about 5 km southeast of Fira. This winery ase a quite history behind it. It belongs to Koutsogiannopoulos family that arrived in Santorini from Peloponnese in 1870 and began the operation of the winery.
Volcan Wines is proud to own the one and only wine museum is Santorini. It is also the only cave wine museum in Greece. It took 21 years to develop it, it has 300m of length and it's build 8m below ground level. Visitors of museum will learn about Santorini wine history from 1660. All the stages of wine production are exhibited in chronological order. It's noteworthy that all the machines, pots and tools are original, not replicas! In the end of this unique time travel tour, will have the opportunity to taste the beat and most famous four of Volcan wines. Wine museum is open daily all year, except Sundays from November till March.
The 4 generation of winemaking knowledge of Volcan Wines has developed 14 different wines. Among them is a very rare 1959 Vinsanto. This is considered as the family jewel and according to some experts, its ageing process can reach the year 2060. Beyond that, Volcan wines were awarded many times in both international and domestic level.


9. Hatzidakis Winery


Hatzidakis Winery is located in Pyrgos village, 6 km southeast of Fira, the capital of Santorini. In comparison with other Santorini wineries, this is just a "child" established in 1997, but its quality products reveal the experience of the family Hatzidakis.
Hatzidakis Winery uses grapes from vineyards in Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Megalochori and Emborio. These vineyards have south and southeast direction and the elevation between 70m and 350m above sea level. On this overall area, that reaches 10 acres, the grapes are cultivated organically.
The winery is a small cave building which was abandoned after the 1956 earthquake and transformed to become Hatzidakis company main base. This boutique place should be on your "visiting list".
Despite that Hatzidakis Winery is one of the youngest in Santorini, it already has several awards on international level and exports its products to many countries.


10. Art Space Winery


Art Space Winery is located in Exo Gonia, a small village 7 km southeast of Fira. Exo Gonia is one the villages that "specializes" in Santorini wine production. As you can understand by its name, Art Space is not just a place where wine is produce.
This old winery, built in 1861, was operating by Nikolas Argyros till 1952 when it was closed by the owner, so he can to open a new winery, the well-known Santo Wines. In 1999, Antonis Argyros, son of Nikolas, restored the facilities and the history of the place continues till today.
The space where the old winery was, today is used for art exhibition, made by artists from all over the world. This old canava has a scenic interior architecture and it's a quite peace of art by its self. In the old distillery some original tools used for winemaking are saved in good condition.
Art Space Winery produces 4 high quality wines: Vinsanto, Nychteri, Saint August and Saint August Barrel. You can taste them when you visit the winery. It's open daily from 11:00 till sunset.


11. Antoniou Winery


Antoniou Winery is located in Megalochori, a beautiful and picturesque village built on the edge of Santorini cliffs, 7 km south of Fira, the capital of the island.
This winery is a small one but quite lovely. Most of it is built in the ground with an entrance that most of the visitors remember for a long time. From Antoniou Winery facilities you can enjoy the magnificent Santorini sunset while drinking one of the winery products.