Santorini Restaurants

Amazing dishes made with the most fresh local ingredients by famous greek chefs.


Santorini restaurants


As you can imagine, Santorini restaurants types and styles vary. Restaurants located on Santorini cliffs with Caldera view have definitely romantic touch. Restaurants located at Santorini small and picturesque ports or beaches, are also luxurious with quality food. Below we present a list of Santorini restaurants that our affiliate hotels suggest to their guests.


Oia Restaurants


  • Ambrodia Restaurant


Ambrosia restaurant is located in Oia Santorini. It is considered as a luxurious restaurant with magnificent view at Santorini west coast line with its cliffs. Ambrosia cuisine will satisfy a variety of tastes. The restaurant menu consists of Greek dishes, as well as Mediterranean. Fresh seafood and fish, carefully selected meat, pastas, salads and vegetarian meals, with inspirational food styling, perfectly fit with the environment and offer romantic evenings. Don't forget to accompany your dinner with one of the wines from Ambrosia cellar which has a selection of the best Santorini wines as wells as wines from all over Greece. The staff will inform you which is the perfect combination with your dish. You can close your evening in Ambrosia with one of the handmade desserts. Delicious!


  • Floga Restaurant


Floga restaurant is a representation of gourmet cuisine in Oia Santorini. To get to Floga restaurant, start walking downhill towards Armeni port, using the graphical stairs and you will see it. Floga is located in fantastic spot. The tables are on veranda and from there you can admire the cliffs of Santorini and the volcano. During the sunset as you enjoy your dinner, you will see the colorful houses of Santorini villages enlightened by the orange sunlight and rainbow like colorful sky.

Floga dishes vary. You can enjoy seafood and fish dishes, meat and chicken, pasta and risotto. You can also enjoy omelet for breakfast, as well as club sandwich for lunch. There is also a bar so you can refresh yourself with a cocktail before dinner.


  • Skala Restaurant


Skala restaurant is distinguished by the traditional Santorini and Cycladic atmosphere. Located in Oia, Skala is one of the oldest restaurants of the village. This long term experience is expressed in the restaurant delicious dishes. The view of the caldera is breathtaking and that combined with the restaurant décor, with flowers and small olive trees, makes your dinner or lunch even more enjoyable.

Portions in Skala restaurant are quite large at reasonable prices. The choices in Santorini wine will satisfy everyone who choose Skala for dinner.


  • Roka


Roka restaurant is hidden in the graphical alleys of Oia. The area of Roka consists of veranda where you can enjoy the volcano view and the open interior where you can have your dinner under the stars.

The interior design of Roka is impressive. The restaurant is colorful and totally consistent with Oia architecture. Therefore is worth the time to search for it and join the companionship of friendly people that manage Roka.

Roka specialties include many choices in the well known "greek meze", the greek way appetizers. Some of them are mussels, variety of pan fried cheeses, snails, salads, dishes accompanied with Santorini tomatoes etc.

Roka cellar will definitely leave you satisfy. You can find the most well known Santorini wines as well as home made wine.

This lovely place with its traditional atmosphere and dishes will get on your Santorini memories list.


  • Santorini Mou


Santorini Mou is probably one of the most well known places in Oia Santorini. Located in Finikia area, this traditional tavern is all about having a good time during your dinner. The owner of Santorini Mou, Michalis, is quite a musician and along with couple of friends, shares with their customers their music by playing live in the evenings. The music that you will hear, are well known vintage greek songs but you will also enjoy songs that Michalis himself has written, both lyrics and music.

Beside the Greek fiesta, Santorini mou dishes are the ambassadors of santorinia cuisine due to the use of Santorini products as much a possible. The cellar of Santorini Mou consists of all the island wine brands. This wonderful tavern, with its beautiful backyard, is very much affordable. A couple can enjoy a delicious dishes accompanied with live music from 30 to 60 Euros.


  • Melitini


Cozy and traditional Melitini is located in Oia. Its warm "Greek" environment and the Cycladic facilities attract visitors of Santorini as well as local inhabitants of the island. Melitini cuisine consists of traditional recipes with a "family touch". That is because these recipes have been used from generations. Also the fact that local products are used to deliver the authentic quality makes the dishes even more delicious.

In Melitini beside the traditional dishes, you can also coffee, soft drinks and a well known Greek drinks that have their origin from other parts of the country like Tsipouro, Raki from Crete or Mastic liqueur from Chios. You can also visit Melitini for breakfast as it is open all day long. Its really pleasant environment and the fantastic view from the terrace will make the start of your day more enjoyable.


  • Anemomilos


Anemomilos restaurant is located in Oia. This restaurant architecture also expresses the Cycladic style. White colors and stone are dominating in this beautiful place. Delicious Greek dishes are waiting for you to discover them. Home made recipes like moussakas and pastitsio are just a sample. At Anemomilos you can also try homemade wine as the restaurant has its own canava (the place where wine is produced).

Anemomilos is opened all day long so you can visit it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy the view while eating.


  • Skiza Café


Skiza is located in Oia. Αlthough it has some dishes like pizza or pasta, Skiza it's a place where you can get fantastic sweets. If you visit it, you will definitely remember it for a long time. A combination of coffee with rich variety of sweets for you to choose, completed with breathtaking view of caldera from the terrace where your table will be, is the perfect place to spend some quality time in the morning or after lunch.

If you are a cappuccino geek, you have come to the right place. Creative icons on cappuccino in Skiza will definitely impress you.

Choices of sweets in Skiza include pastry creations of the owner, traditional greek sweets like baklava, galaktoboureko and kantaifi, chocolate based sweets etc. Regarding the traditional Greek sweets we suggest with confidence that you accompany them with vanilla ice cream and Greek coffee.


  • Lolita's Gelato


Lolita's Gelato is for ice cream lovers! Located in Oia, this place is visited by thousands of locals and Santorini visitors. Lolita's Gelato has probably the most delicious ice cream in Santorini. You will discover many flavors, all of them are hand made. You can sit at the facilities and accompany your ice cream with coffee or just have a take out. It is possible that if you try their products once, you will be coming back every day.

You can also take pictures by the special wall that the owner painted for Lolita's Gelato funs.


  • Melenio Cafe


Melenio is located in Oia Santorini and if you like to combine coffee with delicious pastry and incredible view, this is another place to go. Melenio has many varieties of sweets. You can choose international "flavors" like tiramisu and all kinds of pies or traditional greek desserts like kataifi, baklava and many others. If you are the kind of person that one piece is never enough, you can enrich your it with many ice cream flavors.

Melenio is suitable for visit after a meal, where you can also enjoy your coffee with volcano view.


Ammoudi Restaurants


  • Sunset Restaurant


Sunset is located in Ammoudi, a picturesque small port right below Oia village and one of the most beautiful coastal settlements in Santorini. Sunset is a fish tavern, well known in Santorini. We can definitely say that the seafood and fish dishes as well as their appetizers, will take you for a "flavor journey". The products that the "kitchen team" uses as raw materials are fresh and local. The fruits of the sea and fish that you will enjoy in Sunset are from the morning catch, delivered to the restaurant by local fishermen. Over 30 years of experience in seafood cuisine is served to you on a plate by the warm and polite staff of this distinguished tavern. You should know that Sunset makes probably the most well known lobster spaghetti in Santorini. Other unique chooses from the menu that the tavern propos are fishermen salad, tomato balls, stuffed eggplant with feta cheese, fava and many others. Mr. Paraskevas, the owner of Sunset will explain and educate you regarding the restaurant dishes.


  • Ammoudi Fish Tavern


Ammoudi Fish Tavern is very distinguished due to its facilities design. You will understand immediately that this is a fish tavern only by looking on it from far away because for its external decoration were used some parts of ship equipment, like sails, ropes and ladders. The interior design is also impressive.

In Ammoudi Fish Tavern, you can choose if you like to enjoy your dinner sitting in a table right next to the sea, or on the terrace which is built little bit higher.

The menu of this tavern is very rich in seafood and fish dishes. Fresh appetizers cooked from Santorini products as well as seafood appetizers (like calamari, mussels etc) should be the start of your meal. You will have many choices in fresh fish for your main course, which were supplied by the local fishermen few hours ago or taste the delicious shellfish. We suggest you accompany your dinner with one of the Santorini white wine.

As its name says, the tavern is located in Ammoudi port below Oia village, one of the most picturesque coastal settlements in Santorini.


Kamari Restaurants


  • Nichteri Restaurant


Nichteri probably dominates among other restaurants in Kamari. The owner of Nichteri and Chef Vassilis Zacharakis took the local cuisine to another level. The outside part of the restaurant almost touches the black sand of the beach.

Its decor might seem simple but its food is far from it. Glamorous dishes prepared by the kitchen team and the restaurant Chef will amaze you. Not only delicious by also with impressive food styling, will definitely transform your dinner to something more unique and special.

Nichteri menu has a variety of choices. Delicious appetizers, refreshing salads, meat, chicken, fish, seafood in risotto execution are amazing.

The restaurant also offers cooking classes, so that you can share your experience with your family and friends back home.


  • Skaramagas Restaurant


Skaramangas is another delightful fish tavern in Kamari. It's one of the oldest taverns in this beautiful part of Santorini with many years of experience. Skaramangas is all about the tradition, both santorinian as well as Cycladic. You will notice that just by looking at it.

The area where you can sit and enjoy your dinner is divided in two. The first area is right by the beach, nearly touching the black sand. The second one is on the opposite side of the pavement, with wonderful flowers hanging above you and making shade.

The decor of Skaramangas expresses the typical fish tavern with the "Aegean blue" color that dominates on the tables and chairs.

In Skaramagas you can enjoy delicious Greek starters ("meze") made from products of Santorini like fava, tomato balls, capers etc. For your main course you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of barbecued or fried fresh fish. You will also have many choices regarding your wine to accompany you diner. Skaramangas offers all the varieties of Santorini wine.


Megalochori Restaurants


  • Raki


Raki tavern is located on a beautiful and cozy square in Megalochori right next to impressive church bell. The place is absolutely wonderful. The square is cobblestone, in the middle of the outdoor area of Raki there is an old pergola tree. It is also surrounded by pots with flowers.

Raki cuisine offers both Santorini and Greek recipes and emphasizes the tradition. Dishes that you will enjoy are made with local products, like Santorini tomatoes, capers or white eggplant, and ingredients. During the evenings you will also enjoy live Greek music played by local musician. Raki is open all day long, therefore you can choose it for your breakfast or refreshing lunch.


  • To Mousiko Kouti


To Mousiko Kouti is a unique restaurant in Megalochori. This place will amaze you. Let’s start with the décor which is quite impressive and inspirational. There is a small yard with couple of tables, flowers in pots and impressive palm. The indoor area of the restaurant keeps the Santorini architecture alive. You will feel like in a cave villa!

The menu of To Mousiko Kouti has many choices from local and Greek cuisine. Large variety of appetizers and main courses with meat, fish or seafood will satisfy every expectation. Santorini wines dominate the restaurant caller but there are also choices from all over Greece. You can also try raki, tsipouro, tsikoudia or ouzo.


  • Marmita Restaurant


Marmita is another place in Megalochori, where you can enjoy a delicious meal. It's located at cobblestone square of the village and it attracts many locals, as well as visitors of Santorini. The traditional Santorini hospitality is the charm of the restaurant. The tasteful dishes with variety of choices and impressive food styling, the wooden decor and the service will win your "culinary trust", as the staff makes you feel very special. As in many Santorini restaurants, only the best quality of ingredients is used and large amount of them are local products. It won't be easy to choose your dish. The menu is rich in appetizers, main meals and local wines.

During the season peak (from May to November), Marmita restaurant offer its service all day long so you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Perivolos Restaurants


  • Sea Side Restaurant


Modern and luxurious, Sea Side restaurant is located at the west side of Agios Georgios beach. The decor of Sea Side is a combination of Cycladic touch and modern restaurant. Some tables are right on the beach where you can enjoy your meal.

Dishes of this restaurant will leave you speechless! The Mediterranean recipes cooked with several different techniques are delicious. The presentation of dishes by the Chef and his team are probably the most impressive on the island. There are many gourmet choices. Seafood and delicious fish, variety of Greek appetizers, meat dishes and even a vegetarian will be overwhelmed. The suggestions are the seafood pouch, the incredible dish with mussels, shrimp, chopped olives on a barley rusk with vine leave pesto and many others.

If you planning to visit Sea Side restaurant we strongly suggest that you make an early reservation.


  • La Opera di Costa


La Opera di Costa is an Italian, but not totally, suggestion on Perivolos beach. The decor this restaurant is minimal yet luxurious. You will be able to enjoy your meal with the tempting view of the beach and the Aegean Sea. You can visit La Opera di Costa for coffee as it's open from morning hours and also for lunch from the midday.

The menu of the restaurant is a combination of Italian flavours and specialties with Santorini and generally Greek cuisine. This means that if you are a hungry couple and one like pizza for dinner and the other like to taste local seafood, La Opera di Costa is the place to go. The creative food styling will also "add flavour" to your dish.

To be sure that you will have available table for your dinner, make an early reservation. You can also ask if there are available tables right on the black sand of Perivolos beach.


  • Ta Dichtia


If someone had to characterise this tavern in three words, he would say traditional, simple and delicious.

Over 20 years of experience is definitely something you can trust with your dinner. Ta Dichtia tavern is located in Agios Georgios, that is at the west part of the long black beach.

The tables with traditional blue chairs, ship lines, among of other things, for decor, the trees surrounding the facilities and the sea view, adds a Santorini charm to the place.

The cook suggests grouper in a pot with salt water and olive oil, cuttlefish with ink and bulgur accompanied with Santorini salad, taramosalata. Most of the ingredients used in recipes are from local farmers (capers, tomatoes etc). The prices at Ta Dichtia are tempting and when you try the food, it will only get better.


Pyrgos Restaurants


  • Kallisti


Kallisti tavern is located in central square of Pyrgos village in Santorini. This tavern is what you call strictly traditional. Starting with decor, if you visit it you will understand immediately what the philosophy of this place is all about, cosy with family hospitality. Kallisti specializes in grilled dishes made from the freshest locally supplied meat. The appetizers are also strictly made from Santorini products. Fava, stuffed cherry tomatoes and white eggplant are some of those appetizers. You can also taste Nichteri wine or the sweet Vinsanto wine made by the owner. It's a perfect place to stop for a meal and rest while exploring Pyrgos village.


Akrotiri Restaurants


  • Delfinia


Delfinia is a fish tavern in Akrotiri. It's a traditional one with blue tables and chairs and delicious menu. It's located near the parking on the south side of the cape near the archaeological site. There are few tables placed on a small pier so you can enjoy your meal nearly touching the sea. Delfinia supplies its fish from local fishermen few hours before serving the customers. That ensures the quality of the food. Captain Giorgos and his sons Kostas and Fanis are there to make your dining experience more familial.


Vlychada Restaurants


  • To Psaraki


Located in Vlychada, "To Psaraki" (psataki=small fish) is a fantastic fish tavern. The motto of the owners of To Psaraki, Aggeliki and Thanasis, is a simple but high quality dishes. The products that are used to create the delicious appetizers and main meals have only local origin. White eggplant, round zucchini, cherry tomatoes, capers and many other are processed by the Chefs hand to deliver unique flavours. The restaurant dishes have been awarded with "Greek cuisine Award".

The location of To Psaraki is quite spectacular. The outdoor part of the tavern is near a small cliff that rises above the small and graphical Vlychada port where the traditional fishing boats called "kaikia" along with modern sailing boats are anchored. The view of the Aegean Sea is also amazing and relaxing. There are, rarely, days during which you can see the mountains of the distant Crete island.


Exo Gonia Restaurants


  • Metaxy Mas


In the inland of Santorini there is Exo Gonia village, which hosts Metaxi Mas tavern. Metaxi Mas is one of the most well-known places in Santorini. The tavern dishes are traditional and delicious. It is important for the kitchen staff that only local products are used in the tavern. Therefore the highest quality meals are insured. In Metaxi Mas you will not only enjoy a delicious food. This place is also known for the entertainment that it provides to its customers. The enjoyable Greek music, large variety of choices in drinks from all over Greece, makes Metaxi Mas a place to be for dinner and night entertainment.

Because of its reputation, during the season peak months, it would be safe to make an early reservation. Due to the location of Exo Gonia, you can visit this fantastic tavern on your way back from Kamari or other south east parts of Santorini.


Finikia Restaurants


  • Krinaki


Krinaki is located in Finikia, a small village east of Oia. This lovely and traditional tavern has indoor and outdoor area. The outside veranda as a quite a view and you can enjoy fantastic colors of the sky during the sunset while eating your dinner. The inside area of Krinaki was a canava, a place where Santorini wine was produced. The facilities were built in 1832, the decor is, as you would expect, simple and traditional.

On the menu you will find many appetizers with products of Santorini, for main course most of the dishes are delicious meat recipes which you can accompany with Santorini wine.

If you are staying in Oia and you like to have a long walk before dinner, you can reach Finikia on foot.