Santorini cave hotels offer something unique worldwide. Cave houses in Santorini were built by inhabitants in the past, in order to be protected from the wind and sun. Today, some of them are 300 years old and were tranformed to luxury accommodation. Some of the rooms of the below Santorini cave hotels are not cave rooms, just most of them are. Therefore explore the photos, before making a reservation.

Authentic cave room experience located in Oia with Caldera view. Enjoy five cave rooms and one independent villa, each one with private hot tub. One of the most amazing petite Oia hotels.


4 separate traditional cave houses located in Oia, designed by artist. You will enjoy something different here. The amazing host will make you feel like home and you will be surrounded by tradition.


Luxurious selection of separate cave villas and one windmill in Oia. One of Oia hotels that defines luxury, with private hot tubs. You can choose between several locations in Oia.


In central location of Oia, Maregio Suites is one of Oia hotels that offers Caldera and sunset view. Enjoy the impressive minimalistic interior design and relaxing time in your private hot tub.


One of the most luxurious Santorini cave hotels in Oia, that thrives on lists with top hotels in the world. Its fantastic infinity pool ads more charm to the property and its quiet location is suitable for relaxation.